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Apostle and Founder

Dr Henry Wolmarans

Senior Pastor

Cindy Hope

Apostle Henry and his wife, Jackie, together with their two children, Hayne and Cindy, were born in South Africa. Henry and Jackie have been married since 1972. Their son, Hayne, is married to Anya, a wonderful Christian woman, and daughter Cindy is the Dean of The Promise Bible College in San Diego.
During the 70’s, Henry and Jackie served as diplomats for South Africa in London, England. After returning to South Africa Henry answered the call of God to go into the ministry. Once he completed Bible College he started a church in Welkom, a remote gold mining region, which grew to become the largest Spirit-filled church in that State.
In 1990 Apostle Henry immigrated to the United States to start a new church and Bible College in San Diego, which he pastored until 1999.
He received a Doctorate of Ministry from the School of Bible Theology in San Jacinto, California in 1997. There are currently over 100 churches and Bible Colleges worldwide birthed from Apostle Henry’s ministry in Welkom. In 2001 he graduated with a PhD from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida.
In April 1999, Jackie suffered a devastating stroke which left her blind, mute and paralyzed on her right side leaving her confined to a wheelchair. Apostle Henry retired from full-time ministry to become her caretaker. Jackie has since recovered wonderfully so that she now walks (with the aid of a cane) and her sight has been restored to 20/20 vision except for a 30% loss of peripheral vision on her right side. Her speech has returned to 75% of normal and she continues to work to overcome the remaining verbal deficiencies. She and Apostle Henry are standing in faith for the complete manifestation of her healing for God’s glory.
Dr. Wolmarans has published three books. The latest is “Financial Guide For Believers” (2021), a self-help book that provides insight into God’s plan for His children regarding finances. The second book, “Yes You Can Achieve your Dreams” (2007) was written to help Christians see themselves in the positive light that God does. His first book “God’s Plan for your Life” was recently republished.
In October of 2008, Dr. Henry answered the call from the Lord to come out of retirement and plant a new work in San Diego: The Promise Church.  In June of 2015 the inaugural class of thirty-two students graduated from its 2-year Bible College, and in September 2015 thirty new students enrolled.
Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson founder of 700 Club, Robert Schuller, senior pastor and founder of The Crystal Cathedral, and many other high profile ministries, have all given personal endorsements to Dr. Henry Wolmarans.  
Dr. Henry Wolmarans passed away on July 17th, 2023.
His daughter and Bible College Dean, Pastor Cindy Hope has assumed the position as senior pastor in his place.


Pastor Cindy Hope

Children’s Church

Pastor Lindsay Thorne


Andrew & Lindsay Thorne

Bryan & Mary Seshun

Young Adults

Pastor Cindy Hope



Dean of Bible College

Pastor Cindy Hope

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