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Growing In the Knowledge of Jesus and Doing His Word

Fall Semester 

September- December 2021

Monday Nights

6:15pm – 9:00pm


Some Subjects

Law and Grace

Hearing the Holy Spirit

Prayer School 

The Name of Jesus



Healing School

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Covenants & Dispensations


Evangelism & Discipleship

Job & Paul's Thorn


​​Immerse yourself in the Word and grow exponentially in your Christian walk and ministry.


2 Year Course with 4 Semesters

  • If fees are paid for the whole year in advance, then there is a discount

  • All fees are paid online through our give app

  • Registration open now – a non-refundable $50 Application fee is due upon submission of application  


Discounted fees for students paying annually 

  • $600/year for single student

  • $360/year for each additional family member

  • $960/year in total for a related couple


Fees if paying monthly

  • $750/year or $75/month for a single student

  • $450/year or $45/month for each additional family member

  • $1,200/year or $120/month for a related couple


Mandatory Orientation Night - Monday, August 23

  • 6:15pm - 8:00pm

  • Classes begin September 13- December 14

  • Classes are every Monday Night 6:15pm - 9:00pm


We also offer Bible College Correspondence

  • $900/year for 1 person and an extra $600 for the 2nd family member

With correspondence, you will receive all of the lecture notes, books, and be emailed a link to download the audio of all the lectures.


***Applications received on August 15 after service and information meeting.***


If you are interested in the Bible College or correspondence, please contact the Dean, Cindy Hope, at:

Cindy Hope

Dean of College

Dr. Henry Wolmarans

President and Founder

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